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 24th February 2022

More trees sponsored!

Thank you to all my clients again for adding to the number of acts I have completed this year.  We've sponsored a further 20 saplings to add to the annual total.


23rd February 2022

Spreading the Notarial story

Delighted to have had the opportunity, thanks to Kent Law Society, to talk to the great group of students at University of Kent Law School about being a Notary.


8th September 2021

We have sponsored 14 saplings!

Thank you to all my clients this year.  I have donated to the National Trust Woodlands Appeal to sponsor the planting of 14 saplings in the UK.  We have made a small difference to the woodland cover in this country for future generations.

In another environmentally friendly move, I am also keeping my records mainly in digital format and reducing my usage of paper.


27th July 2021

Is my Validate UK Proof Card good ID?

In the UK, Validate UK is a private company issuing proof of age and ID cards.  These are wallet sized cards, similar to a photo driving licence or a national identity card issued by other countries.  They give details of your age and name and can be used in some places as a valid proof of identity and age. 

Such cards are not universally accepted, however.  As they are not issued by a government authority, it is up to the person asking for the proof of identity whether they accept it or not.  Validate UK have recently put a notice on their website to say they have ceased trading and cannot replace expired cards.  This will call into question the value of the current cards being used as they will no longer have the backing of a trading company.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your Validate UK card will be accepted, there is no better proof of age and identity than a valid UK passport or photo driving licence.  These are universally accepted in the UK.  They are easily recognised and can be verified.